What would you do with more energy?

Accomplish more in less time. Reduce stress. Balance your career and lifestyle.

Getting UP! Supercharging Your Energy

Greg Conderacci, author of Getting UP! Supercharging Your Energy, can help you, your team or your company dramatically increase performance.  Former Wall Street Journal reporter, chief marketing officer and non-profit entrepreneur, he brings you the same skills he teaches at a top graduate school and Fortune 500 companies.

Lots of people promise performance…Greg proves it. Using his energy techniques, in 2015 he rode a bicycle across America in just 18 days -- averaging 150 miles a day. Not bad for a 66-year-old with a heavy training, consulting and teaching schedule!

What could you do with that kind of energy?

Surviving the Death of Time Management

Watch Greg on one of his most popular subjects: managing your energy instead of your time.

For more detail on how to organize your life to accomplish more, reduce stress and defeat the “energy vampires,” watch this longer video.

Greg's Reviews

These comments are from written evaluations of courses Greg has taught
Greg is the best discussion leader we have for continuing professional education. His presentation skills are outstanding and he is filled with boundless energy.
An employee at Northrop Grumman
He boosted my energy level. I think I want to be a vampire slayer.
An employee at McCormick & Company
Greg is an excellent speaker who always holds my attention.
An employee at Purdue Farms
I will keep his teachings in my thoughts for many years.
An employee at InterAmerican Development Bank
He has a lot of really great perspective on motivation and energy and how to use those things for change.
An accountant member of the Delaware Society of CPAs
Amazing course that should be required for everyone … Greg, you're amazing.
A student at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
This was by far the best 8 hours of CPE that I have ever attended. The information was very relevant with respect to challenges that we have within our organization.
An employee at the Enterprise Community Foundation

Need More Energy?

Getting UP! Supercharging Your Energy

This book is about getting UP! -- the energy to be ready, willing and able to live the successful, balanced life you want. Like the folks in my energy seminars, you’ll learn why:

  • Managing your energy, not your time, is the way to go;
  • Getting more energy isn’t about what you drink…it’s about what you think;
  • Driving a stake through the hearts of the vampires sucking your life away might help;
  • Supercharging your energy is easier and more fun than you think.

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Getting UP! Supercharging Your Energy

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Greg has been inspiring and training high-energy teams for decades. Whether you’re looking for a full-day, in-depth training to reboot your group’s energy or a keynote to kick off your convention, Greg can create an experience to meet your needs. Greg’s book, Getting UP! Supercharging Your Energy, is a great way to make the experience last.

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